The Government Child Care Subsidy (CCS) is the main system that assists families with their child care fees.

CCS Eligibility

Some basic requirements that must be satisfied to be eligible to receive Child Care Subsidy include:

  • The child and parent having individual Centrelink Reference Numbers (CRN)
  • The child meeting immunisation requirements
  • The parent meeting the residency requirements listed in the legislation

CCS Entitlement

There are three factors that determine the level of a family's Child Care Subsidy: 

  • Combined annual family income
  • Activity Level of Parent
  • Type of Child Care Service

Combined Annual Family Income

The combined family income determines the family's eligible CCS percentage.

Please note that you will need to inform Centrelink if there are any changes to your combined income.

Refer to Department of Education- Combined Family Income for more information.

Activity Level of Parent

The amount of work related activity level determines the eligible hours of subsidy.

The activity level is calculated from the least active parent.

Please refer to Department of Education- Activity Test to see what is classified as 'work related activity' and to access a brief guide of your eligible subsidy hours.

Type of Child Care Service

The Government has different maximum hourly subsidy rates based on the type of child care service.

We are classified as 'Centre Based Day Care'.

Please refer to Department of Education- Service Type for more information.

If you have all relevant information, feel free to contact us for an estimate of your eligible CCS, or simply use the online estimate calculator.