Our Philosophy

In relation to children we believe:

1. That the first five years of life are integral to children’s learning and development.

2. Children are knowledgeable people who come to us from a diverse range of

backgrounds and with a wide range of experiences behind them.

3. That providing a secure , loving and stimulating environment will encourage children to have positive, cooperative behaviour.

4. That we should encourage interactions in individual , small and large group experiences .This will help to build warm and trusting relationships.

We achieve this by:

Supporting children's unique identity, self esteem, independence agency and initiative. We will value children s differences and rights; endeavouring to cater for all children s individual needs. We will model and teach appropriate behaviour and consult with parents/guardians if needed. Building warm and trusting relationships with each child.


In relation to Partnerships with Families we believe:

5. That families are children’s first teachers and that their role in their child’s learning

and development will always be central.

6. That we recognise the expertise of families and their values.

7. In supporting and providing information to cater for families and their needs and


We achieve this by:

Building partnerships with families ; engaging and encouraging parents to participate in ,

and help to develop, our centre and share in decision making about their child s learning

and wellbeing.